Re: 7218 in E-6?

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 18 2007 - 15:57:28 PST

Hiya Stephen,
  The problem is that the orange base on negative film
is really dark and it makes it hard to project. Take a
piece of negative film from your 35mm still film
camera. It's quite dark. That is what your film will
be like only reversal not negative.

  I was joking about telecine being a magic pill. I
don't really think that either. :)

  The reason I mentioned it was because telecine might
be able to pull images off more easily. I have a
suspicion it might create much more grainy images. I
don't know tho. Maybe I shouldn't mention telecine at
all. I'm not a colourist!

  Perhaps you could make internegatives from the film
and prints from that but it strikes me as kind of

  I guess you could try projecting some negative or
put some of your still camera negs in a slide
projector. Then imagine they would be positive and not
negative and you are a fair ways to knowing what it
would look like.

  Basically it will look very dark and orangey.



--- Stephen Kent Jusick <email suppressed>

> Can anyone tell me more?
> I'm not going to telecine, I'm not looking for a
> "magic pill" to make
> it look "better"
> Just wondering what it will look like...
> What if I skip the E-6 bleach or fix after the first
> developer?
> Thanks!
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