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Thanks for this. Lyon is listed by Ronald Tavel as part of the cast, so
that makes sense.

To Jonathan Walley - I definitely recommend Space (though it might
depend on your teaching needs). It's anarchic, noisy, funny, sad and
free. Alternately boring and fascinating in terms of individual moments,
but over the long haul it draws one into that room so effectively that
after thirty minutes or so I felt like I was somehow a part of it! I
found it very inspiring from a creative perspective.

I showed it as the second of two Warhol nights a few weeks ago, and it
made an excellent contrast with the first night's early films
(Haircut/screen tests/Eat) - in part because even though Space is so
different from the early films, it works on much the same principle
(duration [time] Good audience both nights - about 100
people for night one, and about 80 for Space the next night. Some
commented that Space was an "endurance test," but I also heard many
comments from those who enjoyed it. Edie Sedgwick is quite prominent in

Space is not very documented - in fact, I've found no descriptions, and
hardly any mention, outside the MoMA catalog. I hope to complete a basic
description for posting on my website soon.

Andy Ditzler

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> Hello Andy,
> Sitting to the side of the room against the mirror? I believe it's
> Donald Lyon.
> Best,
> William
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>> Hello!
>> For those who are familiar with the Andy Warhol film Space, I'm
>> wondering who the man is who's talking to Edie Sedgwick for most of
>> the
>> film. I recognize others in the film but don't recognize him.
>> Thanks,
>> Andy Ditzler
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