Re: For Ann Arbor, in Solidarity

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Date: Sat Feb 10 2007 - 16:24:17 PST

> Anyone who follows the comparable debate in the U.S. (such as the
> decision to cut public funding for the Ann Arbor Film Festival or the
> various efforts to cut funding to cable access television stations) will
> likely notice a disparity in common sense.
> Bernie

I cannot speak for Ann Arbor, but the (proposed) cuts to cable access, and
the role that access plays, is actually not so cut and dry. Access TV is,
in my opinion, suffering from legacy issues in terms of content delivery,
educational models and training, as well as a lack of commitment to the
arts (beyond the most popular and already well funded organizations).

Acess TV does very little in the way of supporting artists. The only
provisions made for artist is access to equipment, and many access centers
lag far behind the professional markets in the technology they provide.
Access centers will be the last organizations to be in a position to
embrace (afford) HD content delivery.

As people continue to migrate from cable TV to the web for content
delivery and consumption, access center's (who do not diversify their
delivery options) will have an increasingly difficult time proving their

Thank you for posting the information about the governmental
recommendations now taking place in Canada. I do hope the movement is
successful as I am someone who moved into an industrial area for the cheap
rent, and will be part of the first wave that is priced out of an area
that we (the arts community) helped to make more viable for economic
development. There should be some protections for artist, but I can only
imagine the intense opposition to something like this in the states where
it would undoubtly be treated as "wellfare".


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