Question about doing an installation

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 09:54:29 PST


I'm doing an installation piece - single screen 3 sections of a film
in a loop - in March; it's a group show in a really nice gallery at
William Patterson University.

It will play in HD on a 23" Apple Display - this is specifically the
format and "canvas".

The gallery seems like a great space in itself, but is lit totally
with skylight from 2nd floor windows - and of course I prefer to keep
my piece shrouded in darkness - or at least a very low level of
ambient light.

I'm feeling a little challenged as to how to do this and keep it
simple; I'm not bad at constructing things that look good on film but
in real life are kind of weird.... I have to bear in mind I'm
sharing this space with a bunch of other artists.... so I need a dark
space ~ maybe 8' deep 6' wide, covered at the top (2 or 3 people on a
bench, room to stand behind the bench I'm thinking...)

Anyone here done this ? (Anyone done it & have something they can
lend (1 month) sell reasonably etc etc ?

So involved in the works itself I'm feeling uninspired here...

Thanks !


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