press release: JSF's Volume 6; Oscar news; Australian film

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Date: Tue Feb 06 2007 - 10:40:04 PST

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The Journal of Short Film releases Volume 6 (Winter 2007)

Columbus, OH (February 6, 2007) The Journal of Short Film released
Volume 6 (Winter 2007) today. The JSF is a quarterly DVD publication
of exceptional, peer-reviewed short films. Volume 6 contains the JSF’s
first films from Australia. To date, the JSF has published 61
filmmakers from 8 countries.

The staff of the Journal is very excited about Volume 6 but also wants
to share its Oscar news: a film that appeared in Volume 4 (Summer
2006)—Borja Cobeaga’s “Éramos Pocos (One Too Many)”—was just nominated
for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

The Journal welcomed Sam Green as a guest editor on Volume 6. Sam was
a noted short film maker before making the feature documentary “The
Weather Underground,” which was nominated for an Academy Award. Sam
has helped to fulfill the Journal’s mission of supporting diversity,
experimentation, and independent work.

Volume 6 also introduces a new DVD feature: the video contributor
notes. In these notes, the audience gets a personal introduction to
the filmmakers. Following is a list of the films in Volume 6:

1. WE’RE GOING TO THE ZOO – Josh Safdie (2006, 14:40) Driving to the
zoo, a young woman and her little brother pick up an unconventional
hitchhiker. 2. ALICE SEES THE LIGHT – Ariana Gerstein (2006, 6:20) In
an ultra-bright world, there's more to vision than meets the eye. 3.
THE SASKATCHEWAN TRILOGY, PART I – Brian Stockton (2002, 5:40) An
eccentric portrait of the filmmaker’s first year of life in the
Canadian province of Saskatchewan. 4. FIRST LADIES – Natalie Frigo
(2006, 1:30) In FIRST LADIES, the focus of news footage is altered,
addressing alternate histories disregarded due to implicit cultural
structures. 5. LUCKY – Nash Edgerton (2005, 4:25) Lucky finds himself
in a bind, and he’ll need to pull off more than a Houdini act to
escape. 6. RUMSFELD RULES – Bryan Boyce (2006, 2:45) Donald Rumsfeld
speaks the crazy poetic truth. 7. CARMICHAEL & SHANE – Rob Carlton and
Alex Weinress (2006, 5:30) A single father has a unique approach to
raising his twins . . . choose a favourite. 8. INTERSTATE, PART I –
Jason Cortlund & Julia Halperin (2006, 6:00) Night surveillance of
circus elephants and zebras in circadian rhythm, seen through waves of
traffic from a Texas interstate highway. 9. DON’T READ NOW, PART I –
Michael Saul (2006, 5:20) A common warning in the art of passing notes.
Secret love letters disguise our true intentions. 10. REMOTE COMMOTION
– Catherine Galasso (2006, 4:00) An erotic diary of transatlantic
yearning made intimate through an uncanny and frenzied collage of
facial expressions. 11. THE TOUCH – Vanessa Woods (2005, 3:00) An
experimental animation of an Anne Sexton poem that examines melodies
within spoken, written, and visual language.

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