Re: Fogged film from airport Xray

From: john porter (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 03:07:04 PST

ben russell <email suppressed> wrote: It takes a bit of insistence and polite refusal to have your film
hand-checked and all is usually well. Polite insistence was usually met with uncertainty, then stalling, then free passage.
  Thanks Ben,
  I used this tip yesterday, first time, and now I'm more confident about the rest of my trip. Now I'm only worried about the X-rays so far - the cumulative effect.
  It seems the checkers just don't want to be BOTHERED hand-checking, so they try to encourage you to X-ray, saying "safe below ASA 1600", and "BBC does it". When they warn me "we'll have to open them!", I say "Yes, please do! Thankyou."
  I was worried they would want to open the super 8 plastic cartridges, thinking I could've opened them, put something inside, then re-sealed them. But they're happy to just see the sealed cartridge of my exposed rolls, or even just the sealed foil wrapper of my un-exposed rolls. I've no problem with that, even if I had 40 boxes like Ken. That's one reason to get there early. Lot's of time to calmly open lots of boxes.
  It reminds me of so many cops I've encountered who'd rather let criminals get away than having to do more paper work!

i've had film scanned in marseille
(color reversal, cross-processed later - it become a pretty red)

  What ASAs are we talking about? I've got EK64T.
  "If you think your film is worth the lives of 180 people, i feel very
sorry for you indeed." A good point, perhaps, but misguided.
  Of course I'm not advising this, but a fun retort would be "If being lazy is worth more to you than someone's irreplacable life's work, I feel very sorry for you indeed."

i just try to calmly move my way through security
strapped with my camera and an empty film can/ daylight spool/ etc
to help explain what it is i'm carrying...
  Good idea. Thanks again Ben.

John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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