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From: Ed Inman (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 06 2007 - 10:26:33 PST

If I may add my .02 the best recommendation is to identify in advance what archival sources of prints you anticipate utilizing and have them involved from the ground up.
Many do not allow archival 35mm prints to be spliced together on a platter, from what I understand. They only allow changeover from 2K reels. So if the firm you have employed is more experienced at setting up a typical plex type booth you may be cut off from screening rare prints.
That's not to say I think it's necessary to spend a huge amount on 35mm projectors. Many observers believe we are getting very close to a major glut of late model 35mm projection equipment in very good condition as more theaters switch over to digital doodads--which will ultimately bring 35mm prices lower. I guess only time will tell on that but I can tell you I bought a pair of older 35mm Simplex projectors complete with soundheads and pedestals for $75 each a while back. Spent another $2500 or so on xenon heads, exciter supply units, 6K reel arms, Jaxlites, used lenses, and failsafes and still ended up with a pretty darn good basic changeover system for under $3K. 
Alternately, you could just as easily spend more than that on just a single lens! 
Buying a projector is like buying a car--prices are all over the place and sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the most reliable or logical.
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From: Jonathan Kahana <(address suppressed)>
Thanks, all, very, very much for those great ideas about film and video projection equipment. I'll pass them along to our faculty and our technical support people, and lobby for as much of it as I can. Hope you can visit us here in a year or so to see the results.

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