Re: Fogged film from airport Xrays

From: christina battle (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 06 2007 - 08:40:33 PST

Hi dominic,
I recently bought a film xray safe bag from b&h which seemed to is
meant for still photo so didn't hold much film but was easy to pack in my
carry on luggage & opens via velcro which I thought would be handy in case
inspectors needed to look thru it. (nobody did!)
Glad you were able to salvage your film!
Hope you're well!

On 2/6/07 11:07 AM, "DOMINIC ANGERAME" <email suppressed>

> I have just recently returned from screening my films
> in Havana. I had to travel through Mexico City to
> arrive there and had to return to the US again through
> Mexico, I hand carried my Bolex along with several
> rolls of EXR 50D and 250D 100 ft daylight spools. The
> film was xrayed in California, then twice in Mexico
> City and again in Havana. On return the film was
> xrayed again in Cuba, once in Mexico City and also in
> Dallas.
> Of course the film has Xray damage and Cinema labs in
> Denver was great enough to color correct the footage.
> I do not wish to risk ruining film on future trips.
> My question is does anyone on the list know of a safe
> way to travel with unexposed 16mm film internationally
> in these days of heightened security. Checking the
> footage in luggage only makes it worse. I discovered
> that when I was in Korea last year.
> Thanks
> Dominic Angerame
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