Re: Projection Instructions?

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 05 2007 - 15:16:42 PST

>> For theater style projection (long throw, big image), consider an
>> Eastman 25 and Mr. Bond.

Sam Wells wrote:
> James' Eastman 25 & whatever ISCO lens he had on there gave me the
> sharpest theater image I've ever gotten from 16mm I think.
> He owns one (or more ?) but I don't know, does he ever have them for
> installation ?

That's his business. As Patrick mentioned, Bond has done a number of
installations in Chicago and the Red Cat in LA.

The ISCO you are referring to is the Kiptaron 20-60mm.

I use the cheaper 35-65 ISCO, which beats the stock Eiki lens by far.

Schneider also makes very nice lenses for large scale projection.

>> Or perhaps a Kinoton FP-38E (switchable 16/35) if you
>> department can afford one.
> Pretty nice machine. I think that's what I'd buy ;-)

I think these are something like 40K. The upside is that it's switchable
and that Kinoton is widely serviced and parts are plentiful. As good as
the Eastman 25 is, the parts availability is hard to come by, and many of
these installations involve a number of modifications, they're not stock
machines. James does a number of mods and the lamphouse is usually a
custom job.

I think Brooklyn Center Cinema has an Eastman 25, or at least they used
to. In my search, I've found number of smaller, single screen rep
theaters that have Eastman 25 projectors in the booth. For instance, the
Lyric Theatre in
Blacksburg, Virginia has an Eastman 25B with ORC lamphhouse in their
booth. How often they show 16mm I don't know. Many of the smaller rep
theaters (some of which cater to local film societies) will have nice 16mm
projectors in the booth because of all the silent films available in this
format. Cinema 21 here in Portland has a Philips/Norelco FP16 from the
days when they used to run festivals in the theaters and 16mm prints were
a staple of such festivals.

>> Or the earlier FP18 which has some design
>> quirks but is still nice.
> The Elmo 2200's seem quirky to me compared to this (but make a nice
> image - Walter Reade, I-House Philly......)

I-House has two 2200s in the booth. I was impressed with their set-up.
Good quality presentation... nice job Michael and I-House Philly.


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