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Date: Mon Feb 05 2007 - 12:05:54 PST

Here's what I do, and you can do what you want with it.

I buy Molecular SIEVES from Kodak - cat #8597684, as well as 35mm metal
cans in both 400 and 1000 sizes. The larger cans provide more space in
which to place the sieve without putting pressure on the film's surface by
trying to cram the sieve into a 16mm can with no extra space.

I mostly shoot 400' rolls now, and ask the lab NOT to build flats, but to
leave the film as the original camera roll. It's easier for me to identify
where my shots are if the rolls are identical to my camera rolls. I can
use a camera log or view the work print to log, and tape this on the
outside of the can in order to indentify the edge numbers on the roll.

Once I get the film back from the lab, I will check the wind on the core
to make certain its a little loose. Sometimes I will swtich out the core,
if it looks questionable, with a inert plastic 3" Kodak core. Wind it onto
the core without tape on the tail, and tape the head down with an acid
free tape. Gaylord's Library Supply sells the stuff. I then place this
into a 400' 35mm can with 1x molecular sieve, no plastic bag, and tape it
shut with acid free tape. Some people will use inert plastic bags taped
shut to micro-climatize, rather than the taping the can. Choose your

I place the can on a shelf in a metal, enamel bake media cabinet (that I
bought for $40 used) with doors that close to keep out the dust. The
cabinet is located in a dry storage space adjacent to my studio. The
temperature is about 60 degrees on average in the winter and sometimes
gets up to 90 degrees in the summer, but this temperature change is
gradual, over about 6 months time. I don't worry about it too much as
there's nothing I can really do about it short of paying to keep my film
in a vault somewhere. It's not the most ideal in terms of climate control,
but its the best I can do given limited resources.


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