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From: Chris Kennedy (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 14:54:01 PST

SFAI Film Salon
Monday, February 5th, 8pm, Studio 8, 800 Chestnut Street


French filmmaker Frédérique Devaux's method of literally sewing pieces of
found footage together in "Entrecroisées" becomes a metaphor for this
program, the forward process of cinema becoming a frankenstein of both the
future and the past. Phil Solomon's "Clepsydrda" uses the image of an
ancient Greek water clock, visually stripped through chemical treatments, to
mark the passing dreams of a growing child. This suture of past and future
unravels in Leslie Thornton's "Peggy & Fred In Hell", where her child actors
play in the post-apocalypse, their surroundings filled with decaying
signifiers detached from their signified - a desert of the real. Also
showing is Mary Beth Reed's "Moon Streams" and Stan Brakhage's "Desert".

The SFAI Film Salon is a weekly film screening program, organized by film
students for the entire SFAI community.

Supported by the SFAI Student Union and Legion Of Graduate Students.

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