Re: Art: practical or not?

From: Steve Bennett (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 30 2007 - 12:21:03 PST

Art is just really a way to think of how to use the "leftover" innate
functionality we have for langauge, now that our contact with language has
been reduced to conforming with things like words, abstract ideas, concepts,
"pictures", etc.

There just isn't much for our minds to do with that stuff, by design.

Some people can't "control themselves" and they end up twiddling with
whatever's around.

Steve Bennett

> We can discuss subject (below) under above subject heading. I hope.
> I say, "not practical"
>> From: saul ostrow
>>> On 27 Jan 2007, at 00:30, Cari Machet wrote:
>>>> academic:
>>>> Having no practical purpose or use.
>>> Like art, for example?

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