Wanted to rent: 16mm arc projector

From: Timoleon Wilkins (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 29 2007 - 19:29:32 PST

Does anyone out there have or know of a source where I might rent a 16mm
xenon arc theatre projector, preferably a 6000' capacity high wattage
pedestal model (1000W or more), such as an Eastman, Elmo, Eiki or any other
similar machine. This would be for at least a week (maybe more), beginning
February 10. In Los Angeles. I can arrange delivery/installation. This is
for a theatrical venue. I would consider using 2 portable arc projectors
(B&H, Pageant and the like) as a last resort. Please contact me off list.
THANKS. Viva 16mm!

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