Fischinger's Lumigraph Performance Feb. 2, Frankfurt

From: C Keefer (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 29 2007 - 01:23:54 PST

Please distribute. From DFM Kino Kalendar:

A Tribute to Oskar Fischinger
Filmprogramm und Presentation des Lumigraphen

Introduction by Barbara Fischinger and Cindy Keefer (The Fischinger Archive/Center
for Visual Music)

Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967) counts among the most important Artists of German Avantgarde
Film. Already in the 1920s he interpreted music, with mostly geometric abstract
forms. Moreover he handled the sound as an equally important compositional element.
Fischinger’s richest and most inspiring achievements are his contributions to Visual
Music, for which he prepared the way – that Artfilm direction where film is composed
by music principles. His abstract film Studies (to which he precisely synchronized
music) were for the audiences of his generation a sensation, and even today amaze.

In 1950 Oskar Fischinger invented the Lumigraph (In 1955 the patent was granted),
which is an instrument to produce light-pictures. A large screen has a various colored
lighting system which surrounds the frame, from which light escapes through a narrow
slit. First, with movement of the screen into the ray of light the front of the
screen reflects the colored light, and creates color light pictures. The actually
silent instrument is mostly played with classical music.

In spite of the spectacular pictures the Lumigraph gives, the hope of Oskar Fischinger
for a commercial success was not fulfilled.

We are showing a program of selected Films which offers an overview of Oskar Fischinger’s
work. Barbara Fischinger, the daughter of Oskar and Elfriede Fischinger, will enlighten
us how the Lumigraph operates and together with Cindy Keefer will play the original

Friday, 2.2.07, 8:30 pm
A Tribute to Oskar Fischinger
Film program and presentation of Lumigraph
Deutches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
(translated from DFM Kino Kalendar)

Additional Notes by CVM:
Please contact the Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt for ticket information.

Film program comprised of 16mm prints from the Collection of Deutsches Filmmuseum, plus
several preserved 35mm prints from the Collections of CVM and Fischinger Archive.

Elfriede Fischinger’s article about the Lumigraph, Writing Light, is at

Oskar's drawing of the Lumigraph is online at:

best regards,
Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music

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