Re: Examples of personal documentaries... And where to get them

From: christina battle (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jan 26 2007 - 07:59:57 PST

What about film festival/exhibition group libraries as well? I know many
festivals keep screened work on file & often make the dvds etc available
during festivals (images' mediatheque is a great resource!)...but do
festivals ever make these works available throughout the year? I realize
this may require more work gathering permission from artists to have the
works available but...i think it'd be an interesting resource for film
communities & those doing research...and would be interesting for those
travelling/new to communities to see what sorts of works are out there.

I know lift in toronto has (had?) a video library of member's works
available for view as well (I think at no cost?)...perhaps other ARC's have
similar resources?

clb currently in toronto

On 1/26/07 10:36 AM, "Pablo de Ocampo" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Roger,
> Thanks for piping in on this one! It disturbs me how much people use Netflix
> without thinking twice about it.
> Another option that is often overlooked is your local library. I do realize
> that from city to city, funding will dictate what a library is able to do,
> but often libraries are open to taking suggestions for their catalogues and
> librarians LOVE documentaries. Distributors like Women Make Movies, Facets,
> First Run, Arab Film, even Video Data Bank often have work at public
> libraries. I've put in many requests for such work with the Multnomah County
> Public Library system in Portland, Oregon. Over the years they've acquired
> work by Peter Watkins, Su Friedrich, John Gianvito, Leslie Thornton, Walid
> Raad, Jayce Salloum, Jill Godmillow, Harun Farocki, and many others....
> And if you live in Sioux Fall SD, I imagine you might have more luck getting
> the library to get things like this than you would at the corner video
> store.
> Just a thought.
> -p
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>> Y'know, if you live in NYC, instead of renting from Netflix (which is
>> really the Starbucks of video rental), you could go to a REAL VIDEO
>> STORE. How about Kim's? While it's great that Netflix has lowave &
>> Other Cinema & Peripheral Produce DVDs (if I remember correctly),
>> wouldn't it be nice to encourage people who really care about these
>> things & make an effort to support independent/experimental work
>> (beyond just adding it to their catalogue of 60000 titles)? If you
>> live in Sioux Falls, SD, then maybe Netflix is your best option. But
>> if you've got a good local video store in your town, USE IT. They
>> may not have all 60000 titles, but I'm sure they'll care a lot more
>> about the ones they do. And what about all the great stuff on VHS
>> that's never made it to Netflix--like the Peter Rose Facets tapes,
>> for one of a thousand examples. Or for a more pertinent example,
>> what about Alan Berliner's great personal docs Nobody's Business and
>> Intimate Stranger. VHS only, I'm afraid. (You can still get his
>> penultimate film, The Sweetest Sound, on DVD, presumably from
>> Netflix--although Kim's devotes a section to his work.)
>> Jeez,
>> R.
>> p.s. Full disclosure: I own a video store in Gainesville, FL with a
>> section of experimental films (as many as we can afford--but we could
>> afford more if people would realize that as convenient as Netflix is,
>> they're still a massive corporation of the kind we're mostly supposed
>> to be uncomfortable about).
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