Re: You Tube

From: Steven Ball (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 25 2007 - 16:17:43 PST

In November at cogcollective we showed a programme of works 'lifted'
from YouTube and other online videoblogs, Screen Dump compiled by
Philip Sanderson.
This was partly driven by the observation that many of the first
personal teenage bedroom videos posted on YouTube structurally but
presumably unwittingly resemble the kind of videowork previously the
domain of film and video artists. Philip was also interested in
YouTube as resembling a kind of online open screening, an accessible
and 'democratic' screening space. Another intriguing aspect was the
possibility of taking the videos from the web browser to being
projected 'full size' in a more conventional screening format in a
more conventional screening space set up.

 From the time of planning the programme earlier in the year (when
YouTube was still relatively underground but gathering a critical
mass) to the actual screening, YouTube had achieved a lot of
mainstream media attention, driven mostly by its acquisition by
Google and the Lonelygirl15 saga. By this point YouTube, it seemed,
was everywhere (and now it's even on Frameworks). Much of this recent
history is traced by the programme which also included works from a
couple of artists' video blogs (including Philip's, Sam Renseiw's
Patalab, and my own).

The programme has now been recreated online and can be viewed at:


On 25 Jan 2007, at 02:37, Jack Sargeant wrote:

> Has anybody curated a You Tube style 'film' festival yet? (I'm not
> necessarily volunteering, but the idea seems interesting to me).

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.