video haiku (was 365 v....) plus a plea for video threads

From: Katherin McInnis (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 10:06:20 PST


I mostly agree with you. of course, video is not just a McDonald's
version of film, and should not be considered *only* within a
experimental film tradition. It does draw heavily from television and
cinema - but then again, so do the Kuchar brothers!

> The manipulated reality that results from the intersection of digital
> art
> and video is (or is becoming) an alternate reality unrelated to the
> sleight of hand illusionism in experimental film and cinema.

hmm, i have to think about this.

As far as Stan Brakhage vs. Ernie Kovacs, I say both! Funny that you
should mention Ernie because he is forever associated in my mind with
perhaps his biggest fan, Kerry Laitala!


Katherin McInnis
San francisco

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