Re: Christmas On Earth

From: Nelson, Gordon (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 09:25:38 PST

We just screened this film in Pittsburgh (at Jefferson
Presents...) as part of our December program. We tuned
the radio to a local free format rock station and got
to hear some Black Sabbath (Iron Man), then some
crappy new U2 song, then some new heavy band that was
pretty terrible. Altogether a very enjoyable viewing
experience throughout.

Gordon Nelson, Pittsburgh,PA
--- alvamel <email suppressed> wrote:

> In April 05, there was a short thread about Barbara
> Rubin's film 'Christmas On Earth'. It seems that
> aside from having the film(s) double-projected that
> the projectionist is also given instructions to have
> radio playing into the theatre at the same time.
> I'm curious about these instructions - to have the
> film scored to live radio tuned to a so-called 'rock
> station'.
> Obviously, radio in the mid-sixties and radio today
> are a completely different animal. Aside from shifts
> in musical style, contemporary radio is owned by a
> few centralized corporations - thus predictably
> managed to the listener's conditioned taste . So, I
> would imagine that radio 40 years ago was much more
> eccentric and was likely to enhance the tension of
> the viewing experience, not knowing what sort of
> musical accompaniment or commercial was likely to
> come next. I gather that Barbara was hoping to
> create an experience that garnered a certain
> spontaneity.
> Is there anybody on this list who can share the
> experience of seeing 'Christmas On Earth' as per the
> original exposition instructions?
> Thanks for any insight.
> Alva
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