Re: Video AGAIN (was Frameworks Decade and Beyond)

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 13:24:55 PST

> So no discussions of recent work by Ernie Gehr, Gunvor Nelson, Micheal
> Snow,
> to say nothing of a host of newer and very exciting digital avant-garde
> cinematicians?

I can't recall anyone stopping anyone from discussing these makers recent
work. Nor the work of other filmmakers now working in digital.

> At this late stage, if video is not treated as just another cinematic tool
> on this list, then this list is about a format (or rather group of
> formats),
> not about an approach to making cinema. That will chase away many who
> might
> actually have something to contribute to discussions on, say, 16mm film
> preservation or hand-processing techniques. While such areas are important
> and will of course remain a crucial part of Frameworks regardless, a
> format
> limited discussion of avant-garde cinema that excludes video is by
> definition, in 2007, a discussion that censors half of its subject,
> destroying its relevance and worthiness.
> Brook Hinton

Video is not under any threat here, and I think you know that as much as
anyone who frequents this forum.

I was simply quoting the original intent of the forum. If I have video
questions I choose to take those questions elsewhere, or I contact folks
off-list. If this is somehow infringing on one personal liberities well
they can do as many have already, post about video despite the original
intents of this listserv. The forum is as stated: "unmoderated". So do as
you please.


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