16mm film loopers: Miniaci, Amsterdam, or Leister?

From: Joanna Raczynska (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 05:58:15 PST

Hello Frameworkers,

I noticed in the archive that a couple of postings from Jan 2006 discuss the
pitfalls and benefits of the Miniaci and the "Amsterdam" 16 mm film loopers.
Are the "Amsterdam" loopers those made by Ruud Molleman? These are the ones
currently in use at the Pompidou and seem to work really well for a short

Has anyone on this list had experience working with David Leister and his
loopers out of London (Kino Club)?

Any suggestions are much apprecated. I'm doing some research for an upcoming
cinema show in DC.

Many thanks

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