video haiku (was 365 v....) plus a plea for video threads

From: Katherin McInnis (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 01:21:24 PST


i love the "movie mode" on the digital still camera - especially the 15
fps per second setting. It's really beautiful, and translates very
nicely to DVD (it's not interlaced?)

I'm teaching Super8 to college students - many of them have never seen
Super8, and don't realize that it's not video, doesn't have sound,
doesn't fast-forward, etc.. I'm probably in the last generation with
everyday experience of film (and only because my public school was
freeze-dried in 1950.)

Yeah, there are lots of other listservs. but the value of a Frameworks
video thread is that it offers the possibility of discussing work in
video within the context of experimental film traditions. There is
nothing more annoying than seeing video art that is totally
re-inventing the wheel. And maybe video processes/technologies/ideas
might have something to offer those working in film?


Katherin McInnis
San Francisco

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