From: Marianna Ellenberg (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 23 2007 - 21:25:12 PST

“We are So Much Better Than This” (Performing the Truth/Perusing a Lie)

VIDEO SCREENING including Tanja Dabo, Marianna Ellenberg, Oriana Fox, Stephanie Gray, Sharon Hayes, Nisi Jacobs, Omer Krieger, Steve Reinke and Scott Stark.
SOUND INSTALLATION “Wettings” by Marianna Ellenberg. A mock-health infomercial, providing guidelines and support for the curse of incontinence and other bodily dysfunctions, is broadcast in the bathroom stalls.
Organized by Marianna Ellenberg

At MONKEYTOWN,, Hotline: 718.384.1369
January 27, 2007
58 N 3rd St (btw. Kent & Wythe), Closest Subway: L train to Bedford Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
Price: FREE plus $10.00 food/drink minimum
Two Showings:7:30pm show, 10:00pm show
RSVP recommended!

The video works in “We are So Much Better Than This—Performing the Truth/Perusing a Lie” subvert the symbiotic relationship between the script, the voice, its owner, and potential embodiment. Hovering between abstract images and spectral bodies, the voice is never stabilized in these works, it is either edited to the wrong sync point or created from a falsified script. This screening traces the breadth and variation of the video voice, including the queering of popular Americana In Steve Reinke’s “Anthology of American Folk Song” (Canada, 2004), the replaying of counter-revolutionary voices in Hayes “SLA Screed 16” (USA, 2002) and exhausting the voice of cultural tourism in Dabo’s “Wellcomme”(Croatia, 2004). A range of techniques is employed in these works, from lipsynching to de-synchronization, shifting the authority of the disembodied voice, re-inhabiting it with freudian slips, miscalculations, polymorphous perversity and human desire.

Omer Krieger, FLAG (Israel, 2 min, 2003, video ) Produced by TV CHANNEL
Steve Reinke, Anthology of American Folk Song video (Canada, 29 min, 2004)
Marianna Ellenberg,The Psychotrophic Alphabet From Z to Z (Video (USA/UK, 3 min, 2004)
Tanja Dabo Wellcome video (Croatia, 9 min, 2004) Incessantly repeating, almost to the
Sharon Hayes (SLA) Screed No. 16 video (USA,10 min, 2003)
Oriana Fox Consciousness, Understanding 'N Trust video (USA/UK, 6 min, 2003)
Scott Stark More Than Meets the Eye: Remaking Jane Fonda video, (USA, 20 min, 2006)
Stephanie Gray, Never heard the word impossible (super 8/nv gnvideo, b/w, 7min, 2006)
Nisi Jacobs, From the Horses Mouth (I can produce-pronounce-nuclear) video (USA,11min,2005)

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