Re: processing Ektachrome S-8 7240 (VNF)?

From: Stephen Kent Jusick (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 23 2007 - 23:21:27 PST

Hi reed!

Pac lab in NY still does it,
and I think A1 (also in NY) still does it too.

Yale (in LA) will process 7240 I think but they have content
restrictions so I try not to give them my

Pro8 is unclear. I called them because I had some 7240 that came
with prepaid processing, and I wanted to make sure they would still
honor it. I talked to a guy there who sounded pretty young, and he
said that if they didn't do it in house (he wasn't sure) they would
at lease send it to some one who does.

Rafik and Ben Ness (mentioned in a previous post) do not do their own
processing--they send it out, so there's really no point in going to
a middleman.

martin Baumgarten at Plattsburgh Photographic Services will
hand-process 7240. His work is amazing, very careful. But I just
emailed with him last week and he's backed up, so if you wanted to
use him the order would take a while (possible a few months) You can
contact him : super8mm at

good luck!

Stephen Kent Jusick

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