Re: Louder SF Cinematheque community meeting recordings Part 1

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jan 20 2007 - 12:39:12 PST

  I made a version where all the audio is louder and
people might be able to listen on laptops and portable
devices and stuff. I can hear what is being said on
the old powermac I liberated from a skip which is
basically a speaker in a metal tin, so hopefully
should be fine with headphones or maybe even internal
laptop speakers:

Part 1 is here:

I think the link only lasts 30 days so get it while
you can if you are interested. I havn't heard part 2
yet as it is still downloading.

Hope it helps someone. :)



--- Rick Prelinger <email suppressed> wrote:

> The recordings of Wednesday night's meetings are
> here:
> Part I:
> Part II:
> The recording is low-volume, but audible -- it would
> help to play it through amplified computer speakers
> rather than just through little laptop speakers.
> I am very sorry to say that my fancy digital
> recorder failed us when it came to recording the
> last 22 minutes of the meeting or so. It indicated
> that it was recording, showed the red light and the
> incrementing timer, but when I accessed the file its
> size was zero K, and there is nothing in memory.
> I'm afraid we'll have to rely on Kathy Geritz's
> detailed minutes for the last part. My apologies.
> For those who may not have seen the original
> invitation to the meeting, I paste it in here:
> The San Francisco Cinematheque's President and Board
> of Directors cordially invite all members of the
> avant-garde, experimental and independent media
> communities to a public meeting to discuss
> Cinematheque's relationship with the community and
> to outline and discuss new programming initiatives
> and future plans. At the meeting, we will also
> describe recent administrative changes and address
> questions and concerns from the community regarding
> the departure of Cinematheque's Artistic Director
> Irina Leimbacher.
> All are invited.
> TIME: Wednesday, January 17th, 7:00-9:00 pm
> PLACE: Film Arts Foundation conference room, 145
> 9th Street (between Mission and Howard Streets),
> Ground Floor, San Francisco
> Rick
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> Rick Prelinger
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