A Chicago screening of video art that I strongly recommend

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 18 2007 - 12:12:20 PST

I would like to very strongly recommend an upcoming program at Chicago
Filmmakers, Saturday, February 3, titled "Re-defining Video: Work by
Kyle Canterbury." This is not only Canterbury's first one-person show
anywhere, but is only the second showing of his work ever; two very
short pieces were included in the Toronto International Film Festival in

I'm helping promote it because this is quite simply my favorite video
art. Mostly abstract, often lushly sensual, and always highly musical,
it also takes account of the essential properties of video (flicker,
video grain) by multiplying and exaggerating them. Polyphonic rhythms
collide; disparate elements remain apart; the "theme" I detect in many
of the works is one of an acknowledgement of human and medium-specific
limits -- trying to use video to explore the world, we wind up exploring
only video itself -- with some glorious results. I think seeing it will
change the view of many about the possibilities of video. Brakhage is
one influence at work here, in the maker's "organic" approach to the
uniuqe materials of video. Kubelka is another, in the attempt to seek
out properties unique to video.

There are 24 short works on the program, running about 70 minutes. All
but one is silent. Canterbury will be there. I will be there too.

It's at Chicago Filmmakers, Saturday, February 3rd, 2007, 8:00 PM, 5243
N. Clark St., 2nd Floor, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Aside from one short piece that will be in the Media City Festival later
in February in Windsor, Ontario, no other showings of Canterbury's works
are currently scheduled, though more are possible.

I have an extensive page on Canterbury's work, with general comments,
comments on ten of the works in the program, and many stills, at

The Chicago Filmmakers schedule is at

Fred Camper

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