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From: Jonathan Kahana (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2007 - 18:10:27 PST


You might direct this question to my NYU colleague Dan Streible
(email suppressed). He has been part of some recent conversations
with Helen's relatives about how her films might be archived, and/or
distributed; her husband and mother are apparently very interested in
letting people see her films. Dwight Swanson, who is often on
Frameworks, might also have some ideas. Both were in Columbia last
week for Helen's funeral and memorial service, and spoke there with
relatives, I think.



On Jan 16, 2007, at 12:35 PM, James Parrish wrote:

> I'm a bit behind on the news about Helen's death, only finding out
> about it last week. (I was traveling and didn't check email until
> last week.)
> I, like many of you, was in contact with Helen, though I didn't get
> to know her well. I showed her "Madame Winger Makes a Film" at
> Flicker in Richmond, VA back in 2002 to a crowd of about 350 (I
> just checked my records) and showed it to a filmmaking class I
> taught. We also sold some copies of her "Recipes for Disaster" film
> handbook. I introduced the film by playing a voicemail message that
> Helen left for me -- it was the only way I felt I could do justice
> in conveying her energy and enthusiasm. Sadly, I never met her in
> person, but I enjoyed my interactions with her via phone and email
> (we shared an enthusiasm and commitment to small gauge and DIY
> filmmaking) -- and I met some of her New Orleans friends at a NAMAC
> conference.
> Anyway, I was talking with John Porter last week about his visit to
> Richmond for our James River Film Festival this coming April and we
> both wondered how to access Helen's films for tribute/memorial
> screenings. I'd like to screen some of her work as my/our way of
> remembering her.
> Does anyone know how to obtain copies of her films for public
> screenings? (I only skimmed through the threads about Helen but I
> don't remember seeing anything about we can rent/purchase copies of
> her films. I did see announcements about screenings of Helen's work.)
> Thanks.
> James
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