Film condition question

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Subject: Film condition question
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Hi All,

A local Chicago filmmaker emailed this to me (below), but I have no idea
(not my area of expertise). Can anyone provide information on this? She
does not specify when the films date from, but it could be as early as the
1970's. On list or off is fine.


Patrick Friel

Patrick Friel
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I have a film "archiving" question.
I have been taking an inventory (and making a list)
off ALL my films and prints.
I have noticed that with a couple of my reversal films
(black and white reversal original), at the beginning
of the picture, a few frames are beginning to yellow
and solarize.
The films do not have a vinegar smell. They don't seem
to have any odd smell.
What does this mean? What should I do?  Can I stop it?
(I've pulled these films and put them in zip-lock
baggies for now, separated from the others).
Please help. Feel free to send this e-mail to anyone
whom you think would know/could help.
Many thanks.
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