Re: helen hill - response

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2007 - 03:44:30 PST

Firstly, a really, really big apology to vicki, john
and the no doubt countless other people on this list
who have no doubt been upset by what has happened on

This is my fault as I discussed my feelings about
Helens death and the political situation, and aspects
of my own life all in the same email. Obviously the
issues are related in my mind but this has confused
things and was unneccesary as I'm sure people are well
aware of the political background. I was just
expressing my own feelings basically and didn't have
any kind of understanding of the fact it might illicit
such a response until I saw the mail from someone
explaing that they understood what I meant, which made
me wonder if perhaps they were thinking that other
people might not and that I had posted the wrong

To upset people further who are undoubtedly having a
really difficult time was definitely the last thing I
wanted to do and I'm really sorry that my ignorance
and carelessness has caused this. If it's any comfort
to those out there I have upset or irritated, I have
learned a little from the experience so it definitely
has a positive side.

I'm going through a LOT of bad things at the moment
and on the one hand I'm trying desperately to get back
to normal and on the other hand I'm well aware that
I'm probably not too much in the condition for posting
on mailing lists which is something I might normally
do. Someone suggested that I needed to see a shrink,
which is maybe going a bit far but I probably do need
to see a councellor as I've found myself in a position
where I don't really have any one to talk to.
Unfortunately next on my list is a visit to the dental
hospital and a huge pile of forms and paperwork I have
to complete for the government. At some point I will
probably pop back here and try and discuss normal
things like archiving film and stuff, but as I said in
my original post, right now I don't feel up to it.

I hope you will bear with me if or when that day comes

On the subject of discussing political and
philisophical things, I'm personally really happy that
people discuss these things even if it would be
something that Helen would have hated. I like the
diversity of discussions on frameworks and even
occasionally when I can't work out what on earth
someone is going on about, that's okay too, I can just
skip over that one and read the next message.

HOWEVER I don't feel up to discussing this right now
which is why I've not engaged too much in the
discussion beyond trying to explain what I meant or
perhaps what I didn't mean. It's also clear that a lot
of people aren't into reading it right now either, so
maybe we should look out for our friends on the list
and have one of those quiet little periods we have on
frameworks every so often. It will give people a
chance to sort their heads out.

Then later on we can talk about radical political
change and the philosophy of social structures etc. ;)

For those who are grieving for the loss of their
friend, I am very sad and I hope that you will find
people you can talk about it with as I really do
believe that talking about things is good and not
talking about them is bad. It sounds like there are
lots of people doing really positive things to deal
with things and I'm really happy to hear about all
that positivity that is going on in the background. My
very best wishes to you in your endeavours.

Good luck and positivity!

Heartfelt apologies to you all.



--- vicki honeyman <email suppressed> wrote:

> this discussion has gone too far beyond it's
> context. where I sit it
> reads like little children pointing fingers at each
> other. is it
> really necessary to knead helen's memory into a
> philosophical
> mudhole? frankly, she would not be amused.
> mourn the way you choose, but don't lose sight that
> this discussion
> is about the horrific loss of a special person, an
> unfortunate random
> victim.
> vicki
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