Re: helen hill - response

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2007 - 19:59:14 PST

I second that emotion. I knew Helen only slightly, from her visits to
the Ann Arbor Film Festival. But, I'm glad I did. She was special.

Ken B.

Quoting amanda christie <email suppressed>:

> dear all,
> i have to agree with alva,
> helen was my friend.
> the grieving is hard enough as it is.
> i'm having a very hard time as i'm out on the west
> coast... while most of my other friends who knew her
> are on the east coast, and i was unable to attend any
> memorial services.
> to read emails in this thread, with her name in the
> title, and then to read the body of text with people
> saying mean and hurtful things to each other... or to
> read emails with lots of speculation and and political
> analysis that's only loosely related to her person...
> it's too much right now... and i don't think she would
> be impressed. she was kind and understanding, and i
> think that we should be as well.
> i'm not going to name names or point fingers, for fear
> that someone will feel the need to rebut my comment
> and get the last word in,.. or will feel the need to
> expand on their emotions further... or explain
> themself... or something... then the the harsh words,
> and academic analysis will continue. it has to stop
> somewhere.
> please. for the sake of those of us who knew helen,
> and who are personally grieving for her as a person
> and a friend, and for those of us who wish to honour
> her memory...
> please don't say mean things to each other...
> and please.... please.... change the heading of the
> email to something more appropriate if you wish to
> debate the nature of grieving, death, psychology, or
> the u.s. governtment.
> let us use her name when we are speaking of her, or
> her impact on us.
> i don't really think that frameworks is the place for
> us to be working through our grief or our emotions...
> but that's not my call to make... just please... if we
> must talk about it here... let's not be hurtful to
> each other in emails that have her name in the title.
> please.
> remembering helen in all her beauty, love, and
> kindness,
> amanda dawn christie
> vancouver, b.c. canada
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