Re: christopher maclaine

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2007 - 18:03:50 PST

Hi Gene,
Re:Voir released that this summer. There are four films on the tape: add Beat.
You can get it on our website

PS: Sorry not to announce our new releases,
trying to keep the list noncommercial!
This summer we also released Jim Davis films with
a book by Robert Haller; a portrait of Rose
Lowder and her films; a portrait of Stéphane
Marti and his films. This fall we released a
limited edition Fluxus DVD; the Shoot Shoot Shoot
compilation of British avant-garde with Lux;
Jackie Raynal's Deux Fois and Philippe Garrel's
Revelateur - the Zanzibar DVD collection; and we
started distributing the films of Pierre
Clementi. We are now working actively on a dozen
others: David Perlov (6 hour Diary), Philippe
Garrel (Lit de la Vierge), Gunvor Nelson, Isidore
Isou (Venom and Eternity), Adolfas Mekas
(Hallelujah the Hills), Steve Dwoskin (Dyn Amo),
Patrick Deval (Acephal), Serge Bard (Destroy
Yourselves), Guy Sherwin (Short Film Series),
Patrick Bokanowski, Jean-Jacques Lebel and first
Blu-Ray editions (Anger, Mekas, Brakhage). The
Dada DVD is also back in print since last week.

>I found a source on the web recently selling a
>VHS of Christopher Maclaine's three films -- The
>End, Scotch Hop and The Man Who Invented Gold. I
>passed it by and now I can't find it. Does
>anyone know? PAL is fine.
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