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Date: Mon Jan 15 2007 - 07:17:39 PST

What a thoughtful and lovely tribute to Helen! Rilke never ceases to blow me

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> Death Experience
> We know nothing of this going away, that
> shares nothing with us. We have no reason,
> whether astonishment and love or hate,
> to display Death, whom a fantastic mask
> of tragic lament astonishingly disfigures.
> Now the world is still full of roles which we play
> as long as we make sure, that, like it or not,
> Death plays, too, although he does not please us.
> But when you left, a strip of reality broke
> upon the stage through the very opening
> through which you vanished: Green, true green,
> true sunshine, true forest.
> We continue our play. Picking up gestures
> now and then, and anxiously reciting
> that which was difficult to learn; but your far away,
> removed out of our performance existence,
> sometimes overcomes us, as an awareness
> descending upon us of this very reality,
> so that for a while we play Life
> rapturously, not thinking of any applause.
> Rainer Maria Rilke
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