Helen Hill services & such

From: alvamel (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 07 2007 - 21:07:13 PST

Sorry if some of this is repetitious.


Hello dear friends of Helen and Paul,

This e-mail is to everyone in Helen's address book. I presume you all know the sad, sad news about Helen Hill. I know how much you loved her. She was a brilliant, incredibly sweet person whose life was a fantastic work of art. The best place to get all your information on the funeral is the website
Cristin set up at Helenhill.org.

I know some of you are very, very close friends and I'm sorry we can't getyou all in touch with Paul. And with everything so crazy I may even forget to pass on messages. So please send a card if you can't come to Columbia. He's going to really need his friends and your thoughts over the next months and years.

ADDRESS CHANGE! the Dunbar Funeral Home is on 3926 Devine St. Columbia, SC 29205 phone: 803-771-7990, not on the Gervais street address I wrote in an earlier e-mail. The visitation will be 7-9 on Tuesday. Bring a photo or picture or piece of art by or for Helen to put up on a board.

FILM SCREENING! There will be a screening of Helen's films at the Nickelodeon Theater in columbia from 11 am to noon and then again from noon to 1pm on Wednesday. I suggest you try to go to the first one and wait for the second if it's too crowded.

Nickelodeon website:


937 Main St.

map: http://www.nickelodeon.org/theatre_directions.php

Check the website for the funeral information.

Also Cory, Paul's brother-in-law, is making a slide show for Francis of his family. You can send him photos of Helen or anything to... (address suppressed)

If you are a musician or performer who would like to perform one of Paul's songs to her or one of the songs Helen wrote at the funeral, call me as soon as possible.

Will and Janet will help people find a place to stay. Their number is (803) 779-9903. We should be able to get everyone at least a floor to crash on.

Condolence notes, letters and flowers are appreciated. I think the best thing to write is happy memories of Helen. We want to remember everything we can about her. And we want to have material for Francis Pop to look at someday. She was such a complex, fascinating person.

Send them to:

Becky Lewis (Helen's mom)
1432 Medway Road
Columbia, SC 29205
(803) 343-2437

This is the link for donating to Doctors without Borders in the memory of Helen Hill. People need to put her name in the appropriate boxes and the family will see the gifts.


You can also call 888-392-0392.

There will probably be other charities and such set up in Helen's memory over the next few weeks. If you have thoughts or want to help with this, feel free to contact me or Helen's sister-in-law, Brett at: email suppressed

Feel free to e-mail or call my cell phone at (323) 708-3726. Try calling me again if I don't get back to you on something.

Please pass this e-mail along. I'm having trouble including all the e-mail addresses I've been getting.

So much love,


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