Remembering Helen Hill

From: Ken Paul Rosenthal (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jan 05 2007 - 13:51:23 PST

Remembering Helen Hill

Like the medium with which she was so impassioned, Helen Hill embodied—and
radiated—light. She was a luminous spirit with a melodious voice and an
unquenchable smile. I came to know her at Phil Hoffman’s film farm in the
summer of 1999. She handed out ‘Camping is Fun’ patches to everyone, and we
sewed them onto our clothes. We fondly referred to her as ‘Mrs. Rodgers’
behind her back. As radiant as she was, her eyes shone even brighter when
speaking of her husband, Paul. When she said, “I love him. I love my
husband,” her affection for him was so profound, I can feel it today as I
did then. Helen’s creative work is infused with down-home charm and a ‘real
folk’ sensibility. Semester after semester, her film, ‘Mouseholes’ and her
cookbooklet of hand-made film techniques, ‘Recipes for Disaster’ have
enchanted my students.

I will always remember Helen Hill as a beautifully unique being who walked
this earth in a state of irrepressibly good humor down to the bone.

Ken Paul Rosenthal

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