DVD swap redux?

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 02 2007 - 23:00:22 PST

hello fellow frameworkers.

i'm way way late on this thread (but hey, i did go
through and read the whole thing... i was a few...
well... several months (back to july) behind in
reading my frameworks email... ~sigh~...).

so... this DVD swap thing.

i would gladly participate in philip hood's proposed
frameworksflicks thing... HOWEVER, i know for a fact
that i would be a delinquent who would not pass things
on... i'm like that... i sometimes don't get to the
post office in time... but i would send out my own
dvds initially... i'd just want to hang on to and
watch and rewatch and rewatch other people's dvds
instead of passing them on... i am a magnet for stuff
like that... library books sit on my night table for

so... philip, when you set your thing up... i'll send
in my stuff, but it's not safe to send other people's
stuff to me and expect me to pass it on. at least i'm


i want to actually swap with other people. i will
trade. i will send my stuff out, for permanent
exchange with other people. because i want to see
other people's stuff. i like watching stuff (oh so
articulate tonight!)

i'm inspired by ben russell's description of xander's
pop-up packaging.... i made my first dvd packages last
fall... i made what i thought i was 'supposed' to
make... glossy covers and self-important pretentious
inserts (okay, i'm being a bit harsh on myself... but
it was glossy paper dammit).... so... that's what i
have now... DVDs of 16mm and super8 films that i
generally don't share, because i keep waiting until i
make something better... but i gotta get over that...
and i have a dvd of film performances too... the
current packages are the commercial glossy ones....
i'll try to make some more interesting handmade
packages...revert to my old zine days... thanks to the
inspiring description of xanders silkscreened pop ups.

so yeah. i'm not on the original formal dvd swap
list... but if anyone wants to trade with me...
contact me off list. send me your address, and i'll
send you mine. and we can trade. collect 'em all and
whatnot. wheeeeee.

(phew... that was a long email.... i think it comes
from reading so many long cultural boycott threads)

take care,
take great care,

amanda dawn christie
vancouver bc canada

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