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> Waugh was speaking specifically of the Challenge for Change/Societe
> Nouvelle programs at the NFB; the English branch of this project,
> Challenge for Change, is, he said, "perhaps pathologically overtheorized
> and underwatched." His examples were, on the English side, a 1969 film by
> Terrence McCartney-Filgate called UP AGAINST THE SYSTEM not, as you'd
> expect from the title, a Newsreel-esque call-to-arms, and closer in style
> and tone to Wiseman's WELFARE [....]

Just discovered that Terry Filgate was one of the camera people on
SYMBIOPSYCHOTAXIPLASM. I believe a number of the crew and cast were
friends of Greaves from Cananda and his time at NFB.

Is UP AGAINST an NFB film?


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