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> Alain (and anyone else interested),
>> Could you throw out some names and titles of some of the work
>> discussed, or perhaps reference a book by Waugh? I am assuming they are
>> NFB films, or was he referring to more radical strands of production
>> taking place outside of the NFB?
> Waugh was speaking specifically of the Challenge for Change/Societe
> Nouvelle programs at the NFB; the English branch of this project,
> Challenge for Change, is, he said, "perhaps pathologically overtheorized
> and underwatched."

This was the project George Stoney was involved in, no?

> His examples were, on the English side, a 1969 film by
> Terrence McCartney-Filgate called UP AGAINST THE SYSTEM – not, as you'd
> expect from the title, a Newsreel-esque call-to-arms, and closer in
> style and tone to Wiseman's WELFARE; and on the French side, a lovely
> piece about a northern logging community, the title of which I failed to
> write down.

Is that film....

Jour apres jour/Day After Day (1962, black and white, 28 mins)
by Clement Perron

"A film that looks at life in a small paper-mill town in Québec where most
of the 6,500 inhabitants derive their livelihood from the one industry.
Day after day, the same work, the same hours, the same machines, the same
product, until the entire routine of living becomes but a reflection of
the dominant routine of the mill."

Narrated by Anne Claire Poirier (also a filmmaker). I've been wanted to
see this film again for some time now. I think you can watch the film, or
at least excerpt from it, on the NFB site?


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