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Date: Fri Dec 29 2006 - 10:12:46 PST

> Frameworkers,
> Would anyone be able to point me to any sources of information on the
> 1960s/70s Chicago-based collective (The) Film Group? Film Group did a lot
> of work in commercials and industrials, but from what I can glean took
> on this work in order to support the production of radical independent
> work. I'm looking specifically for information about their production of a
> remarkable documentary short (about 7 min.) called CICERO MARCH;
> principals on this film included Mike Gray (of THE MURDER OF FRED HAMPTON
> and AMERICAN REVOLUTION 11) and Mike Shea. Chicago Film Archives has a
> print of the film; apart from some documentation of the Film Group at
> their website and an article in the Chicago Tribune, around the time that
> CFA received a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation to
> preserve CICERO MARCH, about 18 months ago, there's little to be found.
> (Rumor had it that CICERO MARCH was discussed for the National Film
> Registry see Andy Lampert's recent post but there's nothing by the
> Film Group on this year's list.) Any leads at all greatly appreciated,
> on-list or off.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan Kahana

Sounds like Michael Gray would be the one to talk to. You might try Jon
Jost as he was in Chicago in the late-1960s working with Newsreel. Jost
recently mentioned he is in contact with Michael Gray. Try this email for
Jost (address suppressed)


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