Re: Cultural Boycott of Israel

From: Marianna Ellenberg (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 16:21:03 PST

I agree with Yoel Miranda in regards to the cultural boycott of Israel.
I find this notion very problematic.

It seems that there is one generalized, un-nuanced opinion circulating in many "progressive/left" circles,
on the Middle East, and to stray from this opinion is not accepted. I find this undemocratic
and a counter productive scenario.

I don't think Frameworks should be a space for political propaganda.
There are endless websites, newspapers and tv stations for this.

Many Israeli filmmakers make films that addressing not only their own sufferings but the Palestinian
suffereing, and the horrific mental state of living in wartime.
Something can be learned from both Israeli and Palestinian films, whatever political
perspective, you may have. We should be listening to people's experiences,
who are suffering, on both sides,rather than silencing any dialogue.

Isn't the film and art a space for "creative thinking" on these matters,
rather than these extreme, oppositional position?

 What does this say about the openess of the film community if we are advocating cultural boycotts?

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