The Secret Technology Show: Call for Submissions!

From: T. Siddle (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 26 2006 - 20:49:32 PST

Much of the Press on emerging technology concentrates on its potential
to connect individuals and communities in new and exciting ways, and
its ability to create new public spaces in which ideas and information
can be shared on previously unimaginable scales. There is, however
another face to this technology one that conceals and obscures; one
that secludes and cuts-off; and one that affects the body and explores
the self in ways that are veiled from the Public Eye.

The <i>Secret Technology Show</i> seeks to showcase works in film and
video that concentrate on the non-public aspects of technology. As
technology enables new connections via user-generated content, the
users simultaneously edit and reveal more of themselves to both wider
and increasingly select groups. Within these intimate spaces dwell
bodies that are affected both physically and mentally by their
placement in a tech-infused world. <i>Secret Technology</i> is the
unseen affects of these developing systems upon our bodies and lives.

We are currently seeking submissions of short pieces (1-20 minutes)
around this theme for a screening to take place in mid-spring at
Workspace San Francisco.

Please send submissions as NTSC DVD, Mini-DV, or VHS to:

The Secret Technology Show
C/O Tessa Siddle
738 Andover St.
San Francisco, CA
Deadline: 2/16/2006

For additional information e-mail:
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