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From: Bill Brand (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 05:15:54 PST

I don't know what Paula has in mind but the Kodak
announcement is probably not a practical answer.
They are offering ASA100 Daylight Color Reversal
Film 7285 in 16mm with regular 8mm perforations
in 400 ft. rolls for $141.92 per roll with a
minimum order of 20 rolls. Catalogue no.
8679318. If they have it in stock they may be
willing to sell a single roll so give them a call
at 1-800-621-3456 and see what they say. I
imagine you'd still need to spool it down onto 25
ft. 8mm daylight spools and I don't know where
you'd get these.


>I heard that Kodak has begun to manufacture a reversal stock--7285 or
>7280--in actual regular 8mm, in addition to 16 and *super* 8mm. It
>sounds odd, and I can't find anything about it on the website, but it
>comes from a reliable source. Do people know about this? Exciting
>Los Angeles
>On 12/14/06, Andreas Wideroe Andersen <email suppressed> wrote:
>>At 19:41 13.12.2006, you wrote:
>>>i'm wondering if there is anywhere else besides
>>>Dwaynes Camera to buy 8mm film.
>>>i've used the kodachrome 40T...and i really like it but i'd like to try out
>>>some other stocks...if they're still made that is.
>>>anyway, thanks!
>>Check out Kodak's website:
>>There are many places worldwide that sell Super8
>>films. Ie. Spectra, Pro8mm, Andec, Wittner,
>>Widescreen Centre, Norsk Smalfilm and so on...
>>Depends on where you're located.
>>Also, check out for a very alive and helpful forum.
>>Good luck!
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