Re: The Way Things Go?

From: Adam Trowbridge (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 12 2006 - 10:36:32 PST

> C'mon, everyone borrows, steals, quotes, regurgitates, pays homage
> to, etc., not just corporate thugs. It was probably some art school
> type who pitched this concept to Honda in the first place.

The Honda commercial is a blatant rip-off, it's not a quotation or homage.
Having seen "The Way Things Go" well before the commercial I was sure that
the ad agency must have hired the people who made the movie. Unfortunately
they chose to steal it instead.


> If you go on youtube, there are numerous "Incredible Machine" clips,
> many from Japan, so it is a popular genre going back to at least Rube
> Goldberg, DaVinci, Hero of Alexandria?......not to detract from
> Fischli & Weiss. I spent a good part of an afternoon watching "The
> Way Things Go" over and over the first time I saw it at the Pompidou
> Center (btw it has edits in it) of the best things I saw that
> day.
> The real shocker for me in the statement that came with the clip was
> "The film cost six million dollars." Think that's "The Way Things
> Go" cost to make? What could you do with six million?
> Bill
> "The only thing new is the history you don't know"
>> "Appropriation is a two way street.." It is? Seems more like a dark
>> alley where corporate thugs mug artists... Over and over again.
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