Re: FW: Call for a cultural boycott of Israel

From: Bill Wharton (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 14:02:20 PST

> "Good Luck Artists!
> -from someone who is not an anti-semite"
> Unlike all of those who'll join in such a boycott, right?

Correct. You are lumping a rich, diverse and divided nation of people
together and punishing them en masse. I've lived in Israel and these types
of boycotts and antisemitic rhetoric only adds to their perceived isolation
and perceived antisemitism and actually strengthens their resolve that they
must secure themselves against a hostile world. Instead of this kind of
boycott and exclusionist rhetoric why not sponsor film festivals or other
events that encourage Palestinians and Israelis to collaborate and create
new works together. As I said before wouldn't that be more *productive*?

Ive been boycotting Israelli and Turkish films for years now. What
> does THAT makes me?

A supporter of Israeli isolationism. Why not encourage discussion and
openness whether it be through new artistic works, new media, new
literature, etc.

An antisemite antiturk bigot? I also boycott films
> from Egypt (Visual poison ivy) AND Chile (Ouch!!!).
> So if you boycott Hollywood fare you are anti American?

No that makes you anti-Hollywood. You would have to boycott all American
films, many of which are independent, to be anti-American.

You supporters of Cultural Boycotts poorly understand their actual effect.
From someone who supports working towards peace.

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