Re: The Way Things Go?

From: Pablo Marin (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 09:06:52 PST

yeap... this ad is terrible. not only it seems
entirely composed on a computer ("no computer graphics
or digital tricks" my ass) but also all happens like
in this flawless loft. uff.

one of the strongest things about Fischli & Weiss is
the place where all their stuff interacts with each
other. that huge grey garage/factory.

--- Bill Seery <email suppressed> wrote:

> If you are familiar with The Way Things Go by Peter
> like (or deeply resent) this.
> Appropriation is a two way street
> Bill
> <<There are no computer graphics or digital tricks
> in the film.
> Everything you see happened in real time exactly as
> you see it. The
> film took 606 takes. On the first 605 takes,
> something, usually very
> minor, didn't work. They would then have to set the
> whole thing up
> again. The crew spent weeks shooting night and day.
> By the time it
> was over, they were ready to change professions. The
> film cost six
> million dollars and took three months to complete
> including full
> engineering of the sequence. It is fast becoming the
> most downloaded
> advertisement in Internet history. Honda executives
> figure the ad
> will soon pay for itself simply in "free viewings"
> (Honda isn't
> paying a dime to have you watch this commercial!).
> When the ad was
> pitched to senior executives, they signed off on it
> immediately
> without any hesitation - including the costs.
> Everything you see in
> the film (aside from the walls, floor, ramp, and
> complete Honda
> Accord) is parts from two cars. The voiceover is
> Garrison Keillor.
> Oh, and about those funky windshield wipers. On the
> new Accords, the
> windshield wipers have water sensors and are
> designed to start doing
> their thing automatically as soon as they become
> wet.>>
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