Re: Call for a cultural boycott of Israel

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 07 2006 - 19:58:17 PST

I have a friend who does lectures on neglected cinema such as Wang
Wang movies from the Philipines and so on, and he showed me a lots of
movies, including the Turkish Star Wars / Star trek and so on films,
I've also sat through other similar movies... from all over the
place, sometimes I find them amusing and sometimes annoying, BUT i
don't like or dislike them because of the nation that made them.


On 8 Dec 2006, at 10:34, Francisco Torres wrote:

> Jack Sargent-
> -I recall
>> you were judging cultural product from Israel and Turkey to be
>> uniformally
>> bad, my point was people have the right to make and show work
>> regardless
>> of whatever so called taste makers have to say.
> Yes, and I have the right to avoid it at all cost.

>> Parading your suppossed good taste based on curious notions of
>> nationality, i.e you allude to Japanese and French film, makes no
>> sense,
>> which Japanese film are you talking about The Eyeball Hunts In
>> Secret, the
>> Ring, which French films, lesbian vampire movies or Anatomy of Hell?
> My "suppossed good taste" is all I have, so I always pay attention
> to it.
> I dont try to be a "taste maker" and try to influence what other
> people watch. But I'll watch whatever I want based on my own criteria.
> (It is,after all, my time AND money we are talking about here, is'nt?)
> My prejudice against films from Israel and Egypt is based on personal
> experience ,
> back in the 80s I had a satellite dish and a tried watching dozens
> of them.
> The films I saw were terrible. Boring. Derivative.
> Even the trashy films were boring! Like watching EuroVision badly
> shot on 35mm.
> Ludovico treatment for sure...
> At least films like Lesbos Vampiros and The Eye work as entertainment.
> Try sitting through Lemon Popsicle or A Turkish Star Trek (That's THE
> ACTUAL TITLE!!!). That's why Kim's Video has racks full of Jesse
> Franco / T.Mikke films and not Boaz Davidson...
>> Also, of course, after John Waters it should be apparant that good
>> bad
>> taste is much more pleasurable than bad good taste.
>> Jack
> Bet Waters wont sit through a Israeli Rambo clone or Turkish Star
> Wars remake.
> PS Just how many of films from Israel/Turkey have you
> seen?
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