Re: Call for a cultural boycott of Israel

From: Francisco Torres (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 07 2006 - 15:34:59 PST

Jack Sargent-
-I recall
> you were judging cultural product from Israel and Turkey to be uniformally
> bad, my point was people have the right to make and show work regardless
> of whatever so called taste makers have to say.

Yes, and I have the right to avoid it at all cost.

> Parading your suppossed good taste based on curious notions of
> nationality, i.e you allude to Japanese and French film, makes no sense,
> which Japanese film are you talking about The Eyeball Hunts In Secret, the
> Ring, which French films, lesbian vampire movies or Anatomy of Hell?

My "suppossed good taste" is all I have, so I always pay attention to it.
I dont try to be a "taste maker" and try to influence what other
people watch. But I'll watch whatever I want based on my own criteria.
(It is,after all, my time AND money we are talking about here, is'nt?)
My prejudice against films from Israel and Egypt is based on personal
experience ,
back in the 80s I had a satellite dish and a tried watching dozens of them.
The films I saw were terrible. Boring. Derivative.
Even the trashy films were boring! Like watching EuroVision badly shot on 35mm.
Ludovico treatment for sure...
At least films like Lesbos Vampiros and The Eye work as entertainment.
Try sitting through Lemon Popsicle or A Turkish Star Trek (That's THE
ACTUAL TITLE!!!). That's why Kim's Video has racks full of Jesse
Franco / T.Mikke films and not Boaz Davidson...

> Also, of course, after John Waters it should be apparant that good bad
> taste is much more pleasurable than bad good taste.
> Jack
Bet Waters wont sit through a Israeli Rambo clone or Turkish Star Wars remake.

PS Just how many of films from Israel/Turkey have you

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