Re: Call for a cultural boycott of Israel

From: Karen Treanor (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Dec 06 2006 - 20:00:28 PST

What if an Israeli filmmaker makes a film CRITICAL of Israeli government
policies, or better yet, condemns the existence of his or her own state? I
guess you'd have to boycott that film too! How would you like to be boycotted as
an American just because Bush set up Gitmo? I understand the problem,
though, because if someone CHOOSES to be an Israeli, that is saying something in
and of itself. But what good would a boycott do if the US government and
AIPAC and friends are giving so much money to Israel? Not only that...I don't
know of any "cultural" products made there--except for Victoria's Secret bras,
which are made by Palestinians in Israeli sweatshops. Any film I'd boycott,
I wouldn't be going to anyway. No one would even know I'm boycotting!

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