Re: Call for a cultural boycott of Israel

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Dec 06 2006 - 18:36:30 PST

> Jack Sargent"...the point of freedom of speech is to allow people to
> speak (or create
> cultural products, yes, even bad ones) not to judge the quality of
> the products". Well. There goes the whole enterprise of film criticism
> then... Back to the drawing board. We'll have to invent a new
> discipline- "Sympathy film discourse" maybe?
> We'll give every filmaker / film industry in the world and equal share
> of our attention...
> Come on! Every one of us has some sort of critical filter to bypass some
> films.
> Ive never endorsed the idea that every artist deserves equal
> attention. There is Bergman and there isRenny Harlin. Guess who'se
> work I pay more attention to?
> PS I vote with my wallet. If the Israelis and Turks make mostly bad
> films I'll buy DVD's of Japanese or French films. No amount of pity
> and/or sympathy will make me invest time and money on crap.

you miss my point.

I even say BAD ones which does imply a degree of judgement, just not based
on the random concept of nationality so much as personal opinion. I recall
you were judging cultural product from Israel and Turkey to be uniformally
bad, my point was people have the right to make and show work regardless
of whatever so called taste makers have to say.

Parading your suppossed good taste based on curious notions of
nationality, i.e you allude to Japanese and French film, makes no sense,
which Japanese film are you talking about The Eyeball Hunts In Secret, the
Ring, which French films, lesbian vampire movies or Anatomy of Hell?

Also, of course, after John Waters it should be apparant that good bad
taste is much more pleasurable than bad good taste.


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