Re: Call for a cultural boycott of Israel

From: Tripod Depot (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 05 2006 - 07:31:20 PST

A clarification seems in order. The sentence (call it call) "Keine Juden und Hunde" was placed in quotation marks and in its original German wording. It does strike me by its measure of similarity with the boycott-of-Israel call, even though, I must admit, the latter does not seem to address the canine species. Under no circumstances would I have imagined such foreign language quote being read as a direct, first-degree injunction. In that, indeed, I must have misestimated the reading habits of some of the readers.

I am in full agreement with those who feel that such exchanges are, by definition, out of place on FRAMEWORKS. Shall I say "mea culpa"?...

-tripod depot

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