Re: Call for more films about Palestine & Israel

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 18:11:45 PST

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, db wrote:

> To jump off from the South African examples in the original call (with no
> intent to equate SA with Israel), the Rolling Stones would yet be playing at
> an apartheid Sun City stadium if international pressure hadn't been applied
> to that country (for the parsers: not to suggest that such a result was the
> end-all goal in the quest for ending apartheid).

         all I'm saying is this: that for many years
         everyone & I mean everyone w/ eyes to see
         knew what was going on & that it was wrong.

         the truth of the matter was for a while,
         and many years before, everyone was saying
         oh, look at that, tisk, tisk, its so sad.
         finally, after a hot minute, people who woke up
         to question their own (via
         their government's) complicity in the
         apartheid, and the most real pressure they
         were able to apply was right at home within
         their government. Sure they were looking
         internationally, but when they were finally
         fed up about what their own governments were
         doing to support the actions and institutions
         of the unhappy regime in place there, thats
         when the game was up.

         I'm an anarchist at heart as much as anyone here,
         but I have to tell you: acceptance and
         full participation within the framework
         of the democratic process that is on the ground
         is, maybe sadly, mandatory. there is no other way
         around it here. somewhere along the way,
         we are going to have to compromise and yes,
         work with people who only seem to have
         themselves and their white rich families
         safety and well being and their fat-ass
         insurance and IRA accounts and SUVs and their
         Hamptons and their $1.99 big macs as their first and
         primary and only interest. Yes, you are
         going to have to work w/ these people in
         order to save so many more and maybe even
         the entire fate the population of the planet.

         anyway, all I've said earlier is still
         true: that there are actually so many
         laws in so many places in at least
         the US that would cut the killing, hurt
         and pain down dramatically in so many
         ways on this planet. Most countries
         of the people reading this email are
         not that different - the only thing we need
         do is stand up and demand that these laws merely
         be followed: to have our governments to stop
         breaking the law - that is all.

         rather, however, we all too apt to
         sit down and point to whats happening
         next door, neglecting to see how
         its actually us feeding the flames of
         the fire.

         that's all I'm saying about this
         boycott thing. I dig _any_ righteous
         thing that's going to get some more
         people alive and happy and striving
         for just simple stuff, like, dating &
         going to see a movie, dating someone,
         getting a nice job and feeling like
         proud of stuff they made and being
         together w/ family and community,
         having struggle, but holding on because
         life is so sweet and precious. Anything
         that leads to that is good & there is
         no one on this planet that doesn't
         want this fundamental thing. But, I'm
         saying that you have apply the correct
         pressure to solve the problem where
         you can. And here, in this case,
         its because we are all allowing this
         to happen. I'm saying, if you are really
         going to boycott, then take it to the
         source, and end this killing.

         We have laws (at least in the US), in fact,
         to ensure that.
         All we have to do is keep checks on
         the government forces and have them
         to stop breaking, and to follow their own
         laws that have long been on the books.
         For a while we've had a problem with
         forces in the government that didn't
         want to follow those laws, and in fact,
         broke them, over and over again,
         hurting many people along the way.
         And whoever is reading this email, I'm
         sure that your government was in the
         mix too ...

         Its up to us to help put the pieces
         back together.


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