Re: boycotting artists

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 10:16:40 PST

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, Mitsu Hadeishi wrote:

> It seems to me that
> we ought to be putting pressure on both sides to tamp down their extremism
> and inflexibility and get down to the business of giving each other a chance
> to have peace.

         mitsu, I'm not sure where you are from, but
         the truth is that any particular israeli
         regime is mostly responsive to whichever
         political forces have put it into power, and
         with these so-called "democracies," like
         the US and other governments, that inevitably
         winds up being whichever blocs of people
         were able to organize and get out the vote
         and win a "majority" of controlling positions
         in the "representative" government.

         saying that, there's much much more we can
         do by being citizens of whichever government
         we are to have THAT particular government
         examine ITS ROLE in the problems in Palestine
         and Israel.

         In the case of the US, there are already so
         many laws on the books that we have that,
         if followed, would make the world a much
         safer place. The only issue is that until
         very recently, there has been little in
         place to compell the executive branch to
         merely follow the existing law.

         So again, my major point is that we MUST work
         w/in the context of our own government and
         within our network of friends and loved ones to
         get out the messages that are the correct one.

         Its not to say that an international focus on
         this wouldn't help, but there has been international
         focus on this issue for nearly 60 years. Its
         usually going the same way, and things have
         actually become much worse over time. Seldom,
         however, does the citizen look at his or her
         own government's participation in the affairs.
         Keep the focus on thing with which you can
         control more readily: this is where there will
         be the most effect.

         For the US, in most cases we talk about,
         including Palestine and Israel, to alleviate the
         pressure and stop much of the killing and tone down
         the high tensions leading to anxiety and death, all the
         general citizen need do is to compel those
         running the government to merely follow
         the law thats already on the books.


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